Stephen Beall's show
  • Stephen Beall
    SHOW 14
    taped: 3/11/1983
Stephen was on one of the first STARCADE! shows taped. It was show #7 for us and became show #14 for airing. The host was Mark Richards (now that was an early show). Show #14, taped when Stephen was 14 years old. Stephen was called in for contestant tryouts after he sent us a postcard in February 1983 asking to a contestant.

Reason he wanted to be on STARCADE!: "Because I'm an avid video game play, and I like to watch the show...even if I am not a winner it will be something I will remember for the rest of my life...I like to joke around a lot and all my friends think I'm a funny guy."

Stephen was in business with another STARCADE! contestant Damon Claussen. They owned a company the called 'Blast From the Past', reconditioning and selling the classic video arcade games they played on STARCADE! Reversing the process, they brought us (meaning JM) a GYRUSS video arcade game delivering it to the STARCADE! office. "

Thank you, Stephen for the game (we still have it in 2018).

According to an email we received from Damon in June 2011, "We closed 'Blast from the Past Amusements' around 2003 as the economy and post-911 state-of-mind took a lot of buyer's discretionary spending away. Stephen decided to go into the video game parts business full-time and has been buying up very large inventories of arcade parts distributors. He recently purchased all the remaining parts from CA Robinson when they closed their doors in Los Angeles. As of now, he's putting the finishing touches on his 3000 sq ft warehouse which houses an ever growing array of old but new and never used arcade video game parts. In addition, he's now a re-seller for the only pinball manufacturer in the US, Stern Pinball. Needless to say, he's been quite busy in the world of arcade games."
STEPHEN BEALL'S OPPONENT: Mike McEuen - Click here to check out Mike's page.

50 secounds
Donkey Kong Jr


9,100 Mike

50 secounds
Pac Man


3,740 Mike

40 secounds
Donkey Kong


5,500 Mike

all games played

16,720 -Stephen