Rett & Garrett's show
  • Rett & Garrett Bergmark
    SHOW #127
    taped: 12/1983
Rett was 16 and a junior at Bishop O'Doud High School when his STARCADE! show as taped.  He was a actor involved in A.C.T. Classes and plays - his favorite was "I remember Mama."  He enjoyed collecting Beatle memorabilia and cross country running.

Garrett was Western Regional Manager for a company specializing in tv commercial jingles.

Reason he wanted to be on STARCADE!:  Because "I wanted to try my skill in a competitive atmosphere and hopefully win a game.  Also appearing on TV would be an experience in itself."

His father wanted to be on the show because "On my most recent visit with the kids, they wanted to be on the show.  Will you go, Dad? Sure. That sounds like fun...and here we are.

"As to what I'm doing now, After I finished college I went to Law School, and became a lawyer. I started practicing in Arizona about seven years ago (this was 2000) and I really enjoy my work. My area of expertise is corporate law. I work with a small firm in Tucson, Arizona where I also reside with my wife Diane."
Interesting to note that Louis Abronson, the 16-year who competed with his Dad against the Bergmarks, also became an attorney. Click here to check out the Louis & William Abronson page.
Rhett's STARCADE! memory: "I just happened upon your website by accident and boy did it bring back memories.  I attended a tryout with my younger brother and his friend.  I remember the studio didn't even really look like a TV Studio from the outside.

"I remember very little about the two tryout sessions other than you had to show lots of excitement.  I really enjoyed my experience even though I really didn't do very well."

NO ... We're not making a mistake spelling Rett's name ... he changed it. When he was on the show, he was Rett. Today he's Rhett (his wife's name IS NOT Scarlett!). It must be a show business thing.

More feedback from Rhett ... After receiving the video of his show (we send every Contestant who checks in a copy of their show ... free, of course!) Rhett wrote back:

"I really enjoyed watching the show and remembering the special time I spent with my dad.  I am planning on making a copy and sending it to him for his birthday."

50 secounds
Super Zaxxon


15,100 Abronson's

M.A.C.H. 3

50 secounds
Crystal Castles


11,495 Abronson's

Crystal Castles

40 secounds
Mazer Blazer


4,300 Abronson's

Mazer Blazer

all games

27,817 -Bergmark

30,896 -Abronson-OVERALL WINNER!