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US release date: 1983

Manufacturer: Bally Midway Mfg. Co.

Spy Hunter roams the roads in search of spies, with on-the-road weapons refueling provided by the Weapons Van.

The control panel of Spy Hunter is impressive with:

  • a flashing light when a Weapons Van is approaching

  • Machine Gun

  • Smoke Screen

  • Oil Slick

The Spy Hunter's arsenal of weapons is keyed to the number of miles driven, so survival is rewarded with more weapons. And, oh yeah, your car can become a boat and continue the pursuit on water.

Spies include Road Load, Switch Blade, Barrell Dumper, Enforcer, Dr Torpedo, and Mad Bomber, all with their own special way to try to take out the Spy Hunter.

The music in this game is creatively keyed to follow the pace of the game and it's memorable. All TV spy fans will recognize the music as the theme to the tv classic "Peter Gunn." Cool...

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