STARCADE! Game Questions

US release date: April 1983

Manufacturer: Williams Electronics, Inc.

Type: Strategy game

Theme: Bubbles cleans up the kitchen sink by gobbling up greasies, crumbs, and ants. As he eats, he grows. The bigger he gets, the happier he gets. You can tell by the big smile on his face. While he eats, sponges and brushes prowl about scrubbing up anything in their path, depriving him of all those tasty tidbits. He can stop them when he's smiling by just shoving them aside. But NEVER go near those nasty razor blades. They can burst a bubble at any time. And those cockroaches can only be eliminated with the cleaning lady's broom. It's a nasty business but someone has to clean up this mess and Mr. Bubble (THAT'S YOU!) is elected.

Get double points by cleaning right next to the drain. It can suck you right down into it. If you're not big enough to handle the plunge, it's lights out. If you're big enough, dive if you dare and advance two sinks with ease.

Players: 1 or 2 alternating

1. Bubbles can advance to the next screen and earn bonus points by going through the drain when it flashes what color?
A. Green
B. White

Roll over the graphic

2. When can Bubbles be burst by the brushes and sponges?
A. All the time
B. Only when Bubbles has no mouth

3. When is Bubbles safe from the sponges and scrub brushes?
A. When he has a mouth
B. Never

4. How does Bubbles move from one screen to another?
A. By doing down the drain 
B. By exterminating two cockroaches

5. Where does the game Bubbles take place?
A. In a sink
B. In a bathtub

6. What can exterminate a cockroach?
A. The broom
B. A sponge
7.What color does the drain flash immediately before a cockroach comes out of it?
A. Red 
B. Green
8. How many brushes are there on the first screen of Bubbles?
A. Two
B. Three